This Is Auburn Office of International Programs Service to the World
A message from the Assistant Provost

Auburn’s long-standing tradition of service sets us apart from other universities. As a land-grant institution, Auburn has a unique charge: to take the knowledge and research gained inside the classroom out into the world to benefit the people. This mission of service informs everything we do.
From the affordable homes built in rural Alabama by architecture students to the sustainable fishing operations developed by faculty in Uganda, the results of this commitment are tangible, helping to solve real-world problems on an international scale. The Office of International Programs is proud to foster and support Auburn’s continued globalization in the classroom and in the community.

Dr. Andrew Gillespie

Our Mission in International Programs

The mission of the Office of International Programs is to support the internationalization of Auburn University’s instructional, research and outreach programs. Allied to this effort, the Office of International Porgrams works with central and other support units to internationalize operations of the university.

Last Updated: August 23, 2019
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